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So, what's here?

Home brew electronic gadgets, robotics, radio, and computer fun! From Forest Mimms books and Radio Shack kits to Elenco and Vellemen. Now my bench is filled with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I was hooked early with crystal radio and 50 in 1 electronics kits. My MOS (USAF) was Electronic Warfare Technician, not nearly as glamorous as it sounds. After I got out of the Air Force I worked for Xerox, in the field and at the bench.

You got here from an electronics, photography, or computer forum. I write essays and learn a great deal from participating in various forums.

In the last few years I have rekindled a second childhood passion, Chemistry! Memories of my Porter and Chester set, that fine assortment of bottles and potential. I have the time now, and have begun to re-explore those areas. I have been told my adventures in amateur chemistry may be of interest to some. It is my hope to share some of this with you in the form of a photo journal. My take on home wiz bang! Here again, innocent fun... don't get your hopes too high. ;-)

I'm also in the midst of a radio project or two, I have to put that Technician's licence to work. So, stop back soon for more!